McAfee is the security software helps users to protect their PC or laptop from viruses or malicious threats. To use this application, you need to download first and then install it on your operating device. But it is not an easy task to download McAfee, some trouble can be encountered while downloading or installing it. One of the most common error is McAfee installation Error 12152 or 7305 and instead of feeling helpless at that situation you need to visit The entire troubleshooting guidelines are provided at this site. So, simply go to this website and follow the instructions exactly the same way as mentioned there. After doing that, such an error code will be disappeared within a pinch from the root and then you can freely download McAfee antivirus without any obstacle.

Fix McAfee Installation Error 12152 or 7305

When Receive McAfee Error 12152 Or 7305, The Following Message Could Display

  • Unable to Continue Installation Process
  • We’re having trouble in completing your McAfee software installation because of this error: 12152
  • Something went wrong with the Installation

Causes of Occurring McAfee Error 12152 Or 7305

  • Due to slow internet connection speed
  • If there is an internal issue on your computer
  • The download servers might be overloaded with users trying to download product updates

Solutions to Fix McAfee Software Download Error 12152 or 7305

Generally, you have to wait for a short while if the downloading process gets stuck and then try to again download the product to get succeed. If yet you cannot download and install McAfee product even after waiting for few minutes, there are some more possible solutions you can go with:

  • Either you can use McAfee’s Virtual Assistant that will walk you through some troubleshooting steps
  • Or you can download and run the Pre-Install tool and McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool

Solution 1: Download Pre-Install Tool

Note: At the point of downloading the pre-install tool, save the file to a temporary location, like at desktop. Follow the given points:

  • On your desktop, place a double-click on the “Pre-Install_Tool.exe file”, and follow the on-screen the prompts
  • Go through the warning message, and accept to the changes by clicking OK
  • After the Pre-Install Tool completes, Click OK and Close
  • Now restart your computer

Once your computer restarts, you have to wait for a while and then start downloading and installing your McAfee product again. If you still encounter with the same problem, jump to the next solution.

Solution 2: Download McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool

Generally, MCPR tool is not designed to clean up 100% of components but it will clean up only the components required for reinstallation. Here is the steps you need to follow to download the MCR tool:

  • First, give a double-click on MCPR.exe file
  • Click “Yes”, Continue, or Run depending on your Windows operating system
  • Click “Next” at the McAfee Software Removal screen
  • Accept the “End User License Agreement” (EULA) by clicking on “Agree” button on the screen
  • Enter the characters exactly the same that shows at the “Security Validation” screen as validation is case-sensitive
  • Click “Next” and this step will prevent the accidental use of MCPR
  • You will see either of the following messages once the process gets completed, click the one that you see:
  • Removal Complete
  • Clean-up Unsuccessful

Get Further Help from Experts to Fix this Problem

After completing these above written steps, you can try to install your McAfee product again and if any difficulty is still you are experiencing with the installation process, immediately contact to McAfee Technical Support team for on the go help. Further, you can do McAfee Activate process with the help of 25-digits of alphanumeric product keys to activate the McAfee product and secure your system without putting any effort.


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